1315.08  ORDERS.
   Each order of the City shall cite the law or rules upon which it was issued and shall specify what actions are necessary to comply with the applicable code.  Upon the issuance of an order of the City the owner and occupant/tenant of the property which is the subject of the order and/or contractors and workers engaged in the property shall cease with their work until the order is complied with or until the order is reversed or modified by the Board or a court of competent jurisdiction.  The order shall include a notice of the procedure available to appeal an order and the right to a hearing before the Board if requested within the time period provided in the applicable code.  The notice shall also inform the party that at the hearing the party may be represented by counsel, present arguments orally or in writing, and present evidence and examine witnesses who may appear before the Board.
(Ord. 98-191.  Passed 06-02-98.)