(a)   The Board of Building Appeals shall elect from its membership a Chairman who shall serve for a term of one calendar year.  No person may serve as Chairman for more than two consecutive calendar terms.    The Chairman shall not be disqualified by reason of such office from exercising any power as a member of such Board.  The Chief Building Official of the City or his designated representative shall serve as Secretary.  The Board shall adopt its own rulesgoverning its conduct.  At least three members shall be present to constitute a quorum and in varying the application of or supplementing any provision of Title One of Part Thirteen of the Codified Ordinances, or of any rule or regulation of the Board, and in modifying or reversing any order of the Chief Building Official or any order of the Code Enforcement Manager pertaining to existing structures, the concurrence of three members of such Board shall be required.
   (b)   No member of any Board shall act in any case in which he has a personal interest. 
(Ord. 98-191.  Passed 06-02-98.)