The following regulations shall apply to all signs within the city:
   (A)   All freestanding signs (ground signs, pole signs, etc.) must be set back a minimum of ten feet from all rights-of-way unless specifically exempted.
   (B)   All signs shall conform to the regulations in § 153.254(E): Sight Visibility Triangle.
   (C)   Signs shall not be erected to obstruct sight lines along any public right-of-way, traffic control lights or signs, street name signs at intersection, or street sight lines or signals at railroad grade crossings.
    (D)   Signs shall not project over or obstruct the required windows or doors of any building, and shall not be attached to or obstruct a fire escape, or interfere with other safety provisions as may be further regulated in the building code.
(Ord. 4-2016, passed 3-2-16)