(A)   Where there is a proposed use that is not currently listed in Table 252-1: Residential Permitted Uses or Table 253-1: Non-Residential Permitted Uses, the Building Official, in consultation with the chair of the Planning Commission, may review the use to determine the appropriate zoning districts, if any, where the use may be permitted. The nature, operation, and function of the use shall be analyzed in the determination of the appropriate district(s).
   (B)   The Building Official may forward his or her decision to the Planning Commission for review and to determine if the proposed use should be enumerated in this zoning code as a permitted use in the appropriate zoning district(s) pursuant to § 153.202: Zoning Text and Map Amendments.
   (C)   The Building Official may find that the proposed use is not compatible with any existing zoning districts and not permit the use under the current zoning code. The owner or owner's authorized agent may appeal the decision of the Building Official to Planning Commission for review and final decision.
(Ord. 4-2016, passed 3-2-16)