(A)   Structures in the historic district. Whenever a dwelling is located in a designated historic district of the town and the historic preservation commission in a public hearing has determined that the dwelling is of a particular significance or value toward maintaining the character of the district, and the dwelling has not been condemned as unsafe, the inspector may issue an order that the dwelling be vacated and closed consistent with G.S. 160A-400.14(a).
   (B)   If a structure located within a historic district or other area of the town has historical significance as defined herein, the Historic Preservation Commission may grant additional time for the purpose of brining the property into full compliance as follows:
      (1)   If, at the end of the time granted by the inspector as prescribed in § 160.88(A)(2), active efforts are being made to complete the work and at least 50% of the work is completed, the commission can grant up to 12 months additional time.
      (2)   Progress reports will be made to the commission within the time period prescribed by the commission. Failure of the property owner to make these reports or to complete the work according to the schedule by the board will constitute a violation of this special provision, and all other provisions of the housing code shall apply.
   (C)   Before the inspector grants the additional time prescribed in § 160.89(A)(1), the historic preservation commission shall find the following:
      (1)   That the structure is included on the town's inventory of historic architecture, or is determined to be more than fifty (50) years old and of equivalent architectural or historical significance as determined by the Spencer Historic Preservation Commission;
      (2)   That the owner or other individual or agency has indicated interest in actively pursuing the preservation of the structure; and
      (3)   That in the case of a vacant structure, it has been properly boarded up and made secure and does not pose an unsafe or hazardous condition, as determined by the housing inspector.
(Ord. 16-12, passed 11-15-16)