The Mayor and/or City Recorder, upon reasonable notice to the licensee, may summarily revoke any license issued by the City Clerk pursuant to the provisions of this Code for any reason which would have been grounds for denial of such license when first issued; for violation of any term or condition of such license; for violation of any pertinent provision of State law, this Code, or other ordinance; or for the perpetration or attempted perpetration of fraud, malpractice, or malfeasance by the licensee, without prejudice to prosecution of such licensee by the City. Any person having an interest in any license so revoked, and who feels aggrieved thereby, may request the Mayor and/or City Recorder to further investigate the grounds for revocation and to reconsider his action, and if the Mayor and/or City Recorder accedes to such request he may suspend or reinstate the license pending his final decision. If the Mayor and/or the City Recorder refuses to accede to such request, or if upon reconsideration, he affirms his revocation of the license, the party so aggrieved may appeal to the City Council, appear in person or by counsel, and may have the attendance of witnesses, books, and papers in his behalf, and may testify in person. The decision of the City Council following such hearing shall be final, subject to only such judicial review as may be provided by law.
(1977 Code 5-113.)