(a)   Removal.  Upon service of a proper notice to remove and the opportunity to be heard, the responsible parties of the abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, or inoperative vehicle and the owner or occupant of the private property on which the same is located, either or all of them, shall be responsible for its removal. In the event of removal and disposition by the City, the owner or occupant of the private property where the same is located, shall be liable for the expenses incurred.
   (b)   Removal by the City.  If the violation described in the notice has not been remedied within ten days or in the event that a notice requesting a hearing is timely filed, a hearing is had, and the existence of the violation is affirmed by the Mayor of the City, the Chief of Police or his designee shall have the right to take possession of the junked motor vehicle and remove it from the premises. No person shall interfere with, hinder, or refuse to allow such person to enter upon private property for the purpose of removing a junked motor vehicle under the provisions of this article.
   (c)   Notice of Removal by the City.  Within forty-eight hours of the removal of such junked motor vehicle, the Chief of Police shall give notice that such vehicle has been impounded and stored for violation of this article. The notice shall give the location of where the vehicle is stored, the costs incurred by the City for removal, and the costs incurred by the City for storage. 
(Passed 1-2-03.)