Miscellaneous Rules
349.01   Unattended motor vehicle.
349.02   Backing a vehicle.
349.03   Drivers' view and control to be unobstructed by load or persons.
349.04   Passengers in seat with operator.
349.05   Passengers on running board.
349.06   Following authorized emergency vehicles.
349.061   Approaching authorized emergency vehicles.
349.07   Driving over fire hose.
349.08   Funeral processions.
349.09   Opening door of vehicle on traffic side.
349.10   Boarding or alighting from vehicle.
349.11   Unlawful riding.
349.12   Squealing tires, cracking exhaust noises.
349.13   Taking, injuring or tampering with vehicle.
349.14   Driving upon sidewalk, street lawn or curb.
349.15   Shortcutting; avoiding traffic control devices.
349.16   Coasting prohibited.
349.17   Driving through safety zone.
349.18   Driving upon street posted as closed for repair.
349.19   Obstruction of traffic.
349.20   Vehicle security.
349.21   Littering from a motor vehicle.
349.22   Prohibited use of an electronic communication device.
349.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Obedience to traffic control devices - see TRAF. 313.01