(A)   Organization. The police organization of the town shall consist of a Chief and as many police officers as the Council shall, from time to time, determine and elect and as many special police officers as the Council may deem necessary, in its judgment, to appoint for special purposes.
(Prior Code, § 12.1.01)
   (B)   Uniforms provided. The Chief of Police and other police officers shall wear the uniforms as shall be prescribed by the Town Council and shall keep the same in neat condition and, upon discharge or resignation or dismissal, surrender the uniform when the same shall have been purchased by the town for their use.
(Prior Code, § 12.1.02)
   (C)   Police to report condition of streets and sidewalks. It shall be the duty of the police officers to report to the Town Manager all sidewalks or streets on their beats or which come under their observation which are in bad condition, the location of the sidewalk or street, the names of the owners or their agents, and shall report all nuisances to the Town Manager.
(Prior Code, § 12.1.03)
   (D)   Auxiliary law enforcement personnel.
      (1)   The town provides for the organization of an auxiliary police department made up of volunteer members.
      (2)   The town, by enactment of this section, may provide that, while undergoing official training and while performing duties on behalf of the town pursuant to orders or instructions of the Chief of Police of the town, auxiliary law enforcement personnel shall be entitled to benefits under the State Workers' Compensation Act, being G.S. §§ 97-1 et seq. and to any fringe benefits for which the volunteer personnel qualify.
      (3)   Each member shall be appointed by the Chief of Police and shall serve so long as the Chief of Police may determine. Members shall assist and aid the regular police of the town.
      (4)   The auxiliary unit shall have full police powers while on duty or under the control and direction of the Chief of Police.
      (5)   The Chief of Police shall prescribe rules and regulations for the conduct, control and administration of the auxiliary unit. The town shall provide uniforms and equipment as the Chief may deem necessary and proper.
      (6)   Each member of the auxiliary unit shall take the same oath as other police officers and be covered by the same bond and have the same privileges and immunities of regularly employed police officers, including, but not limited to, benefits under the state workers' compensation.
(Prior Code, § 12.1.04)
   Chief of Police, Tax Collector, Superintendent of Public Works, see § 32.02