General Provisions
   53.001   Definitions
Use of Public Sewers Required
   53.020   Deposits of objectionable waste
   53.021   Treatment required
   53.022   Privy; septic tank; cesspool
   53.023   On-site waste disposal system required
Private Sewage Disposal
   53.035   Private sewage disposal system
   53.036   Construction permit and inspection fee
   53.037   Construction inspection
   53.038   Code requirements
   53.039   Sewer connection
   53.040   Operation and maintenance
   53.041   Health Officer requirements
Building Sewers and Connections
   53.055   Permit required for sewer connection
   53.056   Standards for discharge
   53.057   Classes of permits and fees
   53.058   Permit subject to system capacity
   53.059   Installation costs
   53.060   Separate connection required
   53.061   Existing building sewers
   53.062   Design and specifications
   53.063   Elevations
   53.064   Illegal connections of roof, down spouts and the like
   53.065   Code requirements for connection to public sewer
   53.066   Inspection by Superintendent
   53.067   Barricades required
   53.068   Surety bond required
Use of the Public Sewers
   53.080   Prohibited discharges
   53.081   Storm water
   53.082   Prohibited waters and wastes
   53.083   Prohibited substances
   53.084   Alternatives for prohibited substances
   53.085   Grease and oil interceptors
   53.086   Pre-treatment and flow equalizing facilities
   53.087   Control manhole for industry
   53.088   Requirements of laboratory tests for industrial wastes
   53.089   Methods of laboratory tests and sampling
   53.090   Special consideration
Protection of Sewage Works from Damage
   53.105   Protection
Powers and Authority of Inspectors
   53.115   Authority for inspection
   53.116   Safety rules and liability
   53.117   Permit to enter easements
   53.999   Penalty
   Utilities in general, see Chapter 50
   Utility rates, see Chapter 52
   Water system, see Chapter 51