72.01   Method of parking
   72.02   Parking prohibited in specified places
   72.03   Parking prohibited for certain purposes
   72.04   Parking in limited parking zone
   72.05   Parking in prohibited zones
   72.06   Parking in bus stops or taxicab stands
   72.07   Parking near fire hydrant
   72.08   Blocking entrances, exits, and the like in parking areas
   72.09   Backing to curb
   72.10   Moving another's vehicle into prohibited parking area
   72.11   Procedure for moving parked vehicles
   72.12   Lights on parked vehicles
   72.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Parking near entrance to fire station or intersection, see G.S. § 20-162
   Parking near scene of fire, see G.S. § 20-157
   Unattended vehicles, see G.S. § 20-163