The village will limit the number of police tow licenses that it issues to two per list.
   (A)   The three lists are:
      (1)   Light duty.
      (2)   Medium duty.
      (3)   Heavy duty.
   (B)   Preference in issuing the licenses will be given to those companies that were issued a license the prior year, as long as they still meet the criteria for the issuance of a license set forth in § 121.03. Even if issued a police tow license the prior year, all persons/ businesses wishing to retain such license must submit a renewal application pursuant to § 121.02 for the subsequent year.
   (C)   After the deadline for submitting applications, an initial eligibility list will be created. The first names on the initial eligibility list will be those firms that held a license the previous year, as long as they have submitted a renewal application. The remainder of the initial eligibility list will be filled with the remaining applicants, through a drawing.
   (D)   The final eligibility list will be used at the beginning of and throughout the term of the tow license year, in numeric order, for the issuance of licenses based on the investigation and approval pursuant to § 121.03, and with the aforementioned limit of two licenses.
   (E)   The date, time, and location of the drawing will be announced at the time the application period begins. All interested parties will be allowed to attend the drawing.
(Ord. 2007-41, passed 7-16-07)