(a)   The licenses provided for in this article shall be issued in the form of a certificate by the City Treasurer to any person making proper application therefor and tendering the license tax and filing tax fee of fifty cents (50¢) for each license certificate requested. In addition to the required license certificate, there shall be required and issued at the time of the issuance thereof to the person owning coin-operated devices, a decalcomania stamp or other evidence of such license certificate, at a cost not to exceed fifty cents (50¢) each, for each coin-operated device licensed by the certificate.
   (b)   The City Treasurer shall collect in full the proper taxes and fees and determine to his satisfaction that all of the conditions precedent to the granting of such license have been fulfilled by the applicant before issuing a certificate of license. Provided, however, that as to any business which has been licensed to do business within the City at any time in the past, such license shall not be issued unless such business is current on all taxes, including Business and Occupation Taxes, and all taxes levied by the City for services, etc.
   (c)   The Treasurer shall have the discretion to set up a schedule for monthly payments of the Business and Occcupation Tax due the City, and to issue a license pending such payments. However, if such monthly payments become delinquent for a period of sixty days, such license shall be automatically revoked.
(Ord. 1424. Passed 9-15-83.)