In the event of a violation of the condition, limitation or restriction imposed in the granting of any permit herein provided for, or in the event of the misapplication of any funds collected thereunder, the Chief of Police may suspend the effectiveness of the permit pending a hearing before the Board of Solicitation Review as to whether or not any condition, limitation or restriction imposed by the Chief in the granting of such permit has been violated. Such suspension of the permit shall be in effect only until the hearing before the Board, upon reasonable notice, at which hearing the holder of the permit may appear before the Board in person or by counsel and may produce evidence. The Board is hereby authorized to hear testimony and swear witnesses, and the Municipal Court or the Municipal Judge is hereby authorized to issue subpoenas duces tecum upon application therefor and proper showing being made by the Board, such subpoenas to be served by any police officer of the City. If, upon hearing, the Board shall determine that this article has been violated, or any condition, limitation or restriction imposed in any permit has been violated, the Board may cancel the permit or may suspend the effectiveness thereof for such time as the Board may deem advisable. The Board shall make a written finding of the facts, based upon the testimony heard by it, and its finding as to the facts shall be conclusive.
(Ord. 1438. Passed 2-16-84.)