(a)   It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to investigate all applications of persons desiring to solicit funds for charitable, religious, educational or benevolent purposes, and if the Chief, after such investigation, is satisfied that the purpose of such solicitation is a bona fide charitable, religious, educational or benevolent purpose, and that the applicant for a permit shall solicit in good faith and in the manner authorized for such bona fide charitable, religious, educational or benevolent purposes and that a proper proportion of the money subscribed or contributed shall be used for the purpose for which the subscription or contribution is made, it shall be the duty of the Chief to issue to such applicant a card giving the name of the person so authorized to solicit, the purpose for which the funds are being solicited, the time within which solicitation of money, contributions or subscriptions are permitted, the manner in which such solicitation is authorized and whether the person soliciting funds is being paid for his services as such solicitor; provided, that it shall not be necessary for each solicitor to apply to the Chief where more than one person is soliciting for the same purpose, but a general application for such persons may be made by anyone of them and cards for all such solicitors may be issued upon one application therefor.
   (b)   If the Chief, after investigation of any application for a permit to solicit funds as herein provided, decides that such permit should not be issued, the Chief shall decline to issue such permit, and the person whose application has been declined by the Chief shall have the right of appeal to the Board of Solicitation Review, and the Board shall hear and determine the application and appeal at any open meeting, after notice thereof to the applicant and appellant, and the decision of a majority of the members of the Board, after such hearing, shall be binding on all of the parties thereto.
   An appeal from the decision of the Board may be taken before the Council, which shall, in such instances, have the power to sustain or reverse the decision of the Board, but no appeal to the Council shall be recognized as such until after notice of such appeal has been published in at least one newspaper in the City for ten consecutive days, and at the time of such hearing the Chief shall be present to furnish Council with full information in support of the Board's decision.
(Ord. 1438. Passed 2-26-84)