Any person desiring to solicit money, subscriptions or contributions for any charitable, religious, educational or benevolent purposes as herein set forth, shall file with the Chief of Police an application on a form approved by the Chief and shall answer, under oath, all of the questions contained in the form and furnish the Chief all such information with reference to the public solicitation of funds as may be of assistance to the Chief in determining whether permission shall be given to such person for the purpose of soliciting funds for the aforementioned purposes, and the failure or refusal to file the application and furnish the information shall constitute sufficient grounds for the Chief to decline the application of the applicant for permission to solicit funds for the purposes herein set forth. In no instance may a permit be issued to a professional solicitor or its agents, servants or employees unless a contract or written agreement between the professional fund raiser and its client has been previously filed with the Chief. The Chief may impose such other conditions and terms precedent to the issuance of the permit hereinafter provided for as may be deemed reasonable.
(Ord. 1438. Passed 2-16-84.)