The unauthorized, unrestricted and unregulated public begging or solicitation in the City of money, subscriptions or contributions for any charitable, educational or benevolent purposes, upon streets, in public places, building and from house to house, or by the use of the telephone or otherwise, is contrary to the promotion of economic integrity, is detrimental to the morals, comfort and welfare of the inhabitants of the City, is unlawful and is forbidden; but nothing herein shall be construed to prevent or forbid any pastor, priest, rabbi, rector or minister of the gospel, or the governing body of any church, from soliciting funds within their membership exclusively for religious and church purposes.
   The offering for sale of tickets for any dance, show or other performance represented as being for the benefit of a charitable purpose shall be deemed to be the solicitation of money within the prohibition of this section.(Ord. 1438. Passed 2-16-84.)