(a)   A person shall not vend on streets where the speed limit exceeds thirty miles per hour.
   (b)   A person shall not vend within 500 feet of any property used as a public or private school from one hour before the regular school day to one hour after the regular school day; provided, that this subsection shall not apply on days when school is not attended by children, or on school property when vending has been approved in writing by the principal.
   (c)   A person shall vend only when the ice cream truck is lawfully parked.
   (d)   A person shall vend only from the side of the truck away from moving traffic and while pulled to the curb or edge of the street.
   (e)   A person shall not vend to a person standing in the roadway.
   (f)   A person shall not stop on the left side of a one-way street to vend.
   (g)   A person shall not stop to vend on a street unless there is a clear view of the ice cream truck for a distance of 200 feet in each direction.
   (h)   Any music or other sound used by the ice cream truck to attract customers shall not be audible more than 300 feet from the truck, and such music, etc., shall not be activated while the truck is stopped.
   (i)   Hours of operation shall cease at 9:00 p.m. during Daylight Savings Time, and otherwise at 8:00 p.m.
(1970 Code Sec. 19-181)