In addition to other equipment required by law, every ice cream truck shall be equipped with:
   (a)   Signal lamps, mounted at the same level and as high and as widely spaced laterally as practicable.  These lamps shall be five to seven inches in diameter and shall display two simultaneous flashing amber lights at the front of the truck, visible at 500 feet to the front, and two simultaneous flashing red lights at the rear of the truck, visible 500 feet to the rear, both in normal sunlight upon a straight level street;
   (b)   A slow signal arm that can be extended horizontally from the left side of the truck.  This arm shall be red and white in color.  The bottom of the signal arm shall be forty-two inches above the street;
   (c)   A convex mirror mounted on the front, so the driver in his normal seating position can see the area in front of the truck obscured by the hood; and
   (d)   Adequate sanitary facilities in ice cream trucks carrying products which are not pre-packaged.
      (1970 Code Sec. 19-178)