The Human Rights Commission is hereby authorized and empowered to:
   (a)   Cooperate and work with federal, State and local government officers, units, activities and agencies in the promotion and attainment of more harmonious understanding and greater equality of rights between and among all racial, religious and ethnic groups in this City.
   (b)   Enlist the cooperation of racial, religious and ethnic units, community and civic organizations, industrial and labor organizations and other identifiable groups of the City in programs and campaigns devoted to the advancement of tolerance, understanding and the equal protection of the laws for all groups and peoples;
   (c)   Receive, investigate and pass upon complaints alleging discrimination in employment or places of public accommodations, because of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, blindness, sex or age, and complaints alleging discrimination in the sale, purchase, lease, rental and financing of housing accommodations of real property because of race, religion, color, sex, age, blindness, national origin, ancestry or handicap.
   (d)   Recommend to the Mayor and Council, procedures, practices, policies and legislation in matters and questions affecting human rights.
   (e)   Prepare a written report on its works, functions and services and financial status for each year ending on the thirtieth day of June and to deliver copies thereof to the Mayor and Council on or before the first day of December next thereafter;
   (f)   Do all other acts and deeds necessary and proper to carry out and accomplish effectively the objects, functions and services contemplated by the provisions of this article, including the promulgation of rules and regulations implementing the powers and authority hereby vested in the Commission;
   (g)   Accept contributions from any person to assist in the effectuation of the purposes of this section and to seek and enlist the cooperation of private, charitable, religious, labor, civic and benevolent organizations for the purposes of this section; and
   (h)   Issue such publications and such results of investigation and research as in it judgment shall tend to promote goodwill and minimize or eliminate discrimination; provided, that the identity of the parties involved shall not be disclosed.
      (Ord. 1451. Passed 5-3-84.)