(a)   There is hereby created and established a Property Board for the City. The Board shall consist of the Mayor, the Municipal Engineer or Building Inspector, the Chief of Police, the Chief of Public Works, a member of Council appointed by the Council President, the Manager of the City Sanitary Board and two members at-large to be selected by and to serve at the will and pleasure of the Mayor. The Fire Chief shall also serve as a member of the Board. Any of the members may appoint a designee to act in his absence, which designee shall have the full powers and duties of the member.
(Ord. 2032. Passed 10-16-03.)
   (b)   In addition to all other duties and powers prescribed by ordinance or by law, the Board shall have all powers prescribed by ordinance or by laws of this State to declare and abate nuisances as prescribed by the Charter, and this Code or any other ordinances of the City or any laws of the State, and particularly with regard to regulating the repair, alteration or improvement, or the vacating and closing, removal or demolition, or any combination thereof, of any dwelling or other buildings unfit for human habitation, due to dilapidation, defects increasing the hazard of fire, accidents or other calamities, lack of ventilation, light or sanitary facilities, or any other conditions prevailing in any dwelling or building, whether used for human habitation or not, which would cause such dwellings or buildings to be unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous, or detrimental to the public welfare.
(Ord. 1972. Passed 11-4-99.)