The Historic Landmarks Commission shall have plenary power and authority, within the jurisdictional limits of the City and within the limits of available funds, to:
   (a)   Make a survey of and designate as historic landmarks the buildings, structures and sites which constitute the principal historical and architectural sites which are of local, regional, statewide or national significance. No building, structure or site shall be deemed to be an historic one unless it has been prominently identified with, or best represents, some major aspect of the cultural, political, economic, military or social history of the locality, region, State or nation or has had a major relationship with the life of an historic personage or event representing some major aspect of, or ideals related to, the history of the locality, region, State or nation. In the case of buildings or structures which are to be so designated, they shall embody the principal or unique features of an architectural type or demonstrate the style of a period of our history or method of construction, or serve as an illustration of the work of a master builder, designer or architect whose genius influenced the period in which he worked or has significance in current times;
   (b)   Prepare a register of building, structures and sites which meet the requirements of subsection (a) hereof, publish lists of such properties and, with the consent of the property owners, inspect such properties from time to time and publish a register thereof from time to time setting forth appropriate information concerning the registered buildings, structures and sites;
   (c)   With the consent of the property owners, certify and mark with appropriately designed markers the buildings, structures and sites which it has registered;
   (d)   Establish standards for the care and management of certified landmarks and withdraw such certification for failure to maintain the standards so prescribed;
   (e)   Acquire by purchase, gift or lease and administer registered landmarks and easements and interests therein, both real and personal;
   (f)   Lease or sell property so acquired under terms and conditions designed to insure the proper preservation of the landmark in question;
   (g)   Establish historic districts for registered landmarks, utilizing the same guidelines set forth in subsection (a) hereof, and designate the area thereof by appropriate markers;
   (h)   Identify historical districts for registered landmarks and aid and encourage the City and/or the County to adopt rules and regulations for the preservation of historical or architectural values;
   (i)   Prepare and place historical markers on or along the highway or street closest to the location which is intended to be identified by such marker;
   (j)   Seek the advice and assistance of individuals, groups and departments and agencies of government who or which are conducting historical preservation programs and coordinate the same, insofar as possible;
   (k)   Seek and accept gifts, bequests, endowments and funds from any and all sources for the accomplishment of the functions of the Commission;
   (l)   Adopt rules and regulations concerning the operation of the Commission, the functions and responsibilities of its officers, employees, assistants and other personnel and such other matters as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this article; and
   (m)   Adopt such other rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary to effectuate the purposes of this article, but no such rules and regulations shall be inconsistent with the provisions of this article or with any plan of the Planning Commisssiion of the City or county.
      (1970 Code Sec 2-107)
   (n)   Review proposals for uses of the Criel Mound Park, as well as possibilities for developing greater recognition of the historical, cultural and archaeological significance of the Criel Mound Park, as well as an exploration of funding alternatives available for Criel Mound Park programs and advise the Mayor and Council on proper uses of the Criel Mound Park.
      (Ord. 1682. Passed 12-3-87.)