Any person, either a resident or a nonresident of the City, of full age, owning real estate or a building thereon, may execute and acknowledge, in duplicate, a written designation of a resident of the City, as a person upon whom to serve a notice of violation, summons, mandate or any paper or process, under the provisions of this article and may file the same, with the written consent of the person so designated in the office of the Clerk. The designation shall specify the residence and place of business of the person making it, and also of the person designated and the location of the property with respect to which the designation is made. It shall remain in force during the period specified therein, if any, or if no period is specified therein, until one year from the filing thereof, but it may be revoked earlier, either by the death or legal incompetency of either of the parties, or by the filing of a revocation by either of the parties, duly acknowledged and with the consent of the Inspector. While the designation remains in force, as prescribed in this section, a notice of violation, summons, mandate or any paper or process under the provisions of this article may be served upon the person so designated, in like manner and with like effect, as if it were served personally upon the person making the designation, notwithstanding his presence in the City. (1970 Code Sec. 9-4)