(a)   Whenever the Building Inspector rejects or refuses to approve the mode or manner of construction proposed to be followed, or materials to be used in the installation or alteration of any electrical apparatus or installation in any building or structure, or when it is claimed that the rules and regulations of the Department of Buildings in reference thereto or the provisions of this article do not apply, or that an equally good or more desirable form of installation can be employed in any specific case, the owner of such building or structure, or his duly authorized agent, may appeal from the decision of the Building Inspector where the amount involved by such decision exceeds the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000).
   (b)   Such appeal shall be heard by Council. A majority of two affirmative votes shall be necessary to the granting of any petition by Council. No member of Council shall pass upon any question in which he is personally interested. Council shall meet for this purpose upon three days' notice from the Building Inspector.
   (c)   The appeal authorized by this section may be taken within ten days from the decision by filing with the City Clerk an application containing the decision of the Building Inspector, the date, the grounds upon which such appeal is taken and the arguments in support of the request of a reversal of the decision of the Inspector.
   (d)   The appellant may appear either in person or by his agent or attorney. The decision of Council upon such appeal shall be rendered without unnecessary delay, and such decision shall be final.
(l970 Code Sec. 9-2)