The following signs shall be prohibited in all districts:
   (a)   Signs that incorporate in any manner any flashing or moving lights.  The Zoning Board of Appeals may, after application, permit only theater marquees that incorporate flashing, low-intensity, yellow lights and temperature signs.
   (b)   String lights or any unshielded light that is visible by the public from a public street and is used in connection with commercial premises for commercial purposes other than Christmas decorations.
   (c)   Any exterior sign which has any visible moving part, visible revolving parts or visible mechanical movement achieved by electronic or mechanical means or by the action of normal wind currents.
   (d)   Any sign which obstructs or detracts from the visibility of any traffic sign or traffic control device on public streets and roads, by reason of the size, location, coloring or illumination of such sign.
   (e)   Any sign or sign structure which:
      (1)   Is structurally unsafe.
      (2)   Constitutes a hazard to safety or health by reason of inadequate maintenance or abandonment.
      (3)   Is not kept in good repair.
      (4)   Is capable of causing electrical shocks to persons likely to come into contact with it.
   (f)   Signs which make use of words such as "Stop," "Look," "Danger," "Yield" or similar words, phrases, symbols or characters in such a manner as to imply the need or requirement of stopping or the existence of danger.
   (g)   Ground-pole signs that extend or are built over public property.
   (h)   Temporary window feature signs using more than thirty percent (30%) of a window in a commercial business.
   (i)   Wall signs painted on buildings.
(1970 Code Sec. 32-70)