The City Clerk shall, in the manner provided in Sections 15.4 and 15.5 for initiative and referendum petitions, certify to Council the sufficiency of the recall petition. Thereafter, Council shall cause a special election to be held in not less than forty-five days nor more than ninety days from the date of such certification unless the general municipal election shall occur within one hundred twenty days from such date. The published notice of such special election shall contain the reasons for demanding the recall in not more than two hundred words and a justification by the elective officer within the same limits; provided, however, that if the petition seeks to recall more than one Councilman, each Councilman may provide a justification of not more than one hundred words. Ballots shall be in the following form:
   "Shall                          be removed from the elective office of                          of the City of South Charleston?
   [ ] For the recall of                            
   [ ] Against the recall of                            "
   Upon certification by Council of the results of the election, if a majority of those voting on the question have favored recall, the office of the elective officer so recalled shall be vacant. Provisions of this Charter with respect to general municipal elections shall determine election procedure insofar as applicable; provided, however, that only persons who are qualified electors of the official involved shall be eligible to vote for his recall.