The City Clerk, while holding such office, and two qualified electors appointed by Council, one to be designated by each of the City Executive Committees of the two political parties which cast the largest and second largest number of votes in the State at the last preceding general election of the State of West Virginia, shall constitute the Board of Ballot Commissioners of the City. The City Executive Committees shall submit their nominations to Council not less than thirty days prior to the holding of the election in which the election officials are to serve. Ballot commissioners shall be appointed between the 15th and 30th days of January in each year in which a general election is to be held, for a term of four years beginning on February 1 next ensuing.
   The members of the Board of Ballot Commissioners shall receive such compensation as may be determined by Council not to exceed one hundred dollars for each election and supplemental compensation for any additional duties that may be required of them.
   Not less than ten days prior to any election, the City Clerk shall cause a sample ballot showing the names of all the candidates seeking nomination or election to any office to be published in accordance with the provisions of West Virginia Code § 3-5-10 applicable at that time.
(Ord. 2230. Passed 7-21-16.)