There shall be established in the office of the City Treasurer a City Purchasing Agent who shall be subject to the supervision and control of the City Treasurer. The office of the City Purchasing Agent may be combined with the office of City Treasurer. The Purchasing Agent, pursuant to rules and regulations established by ordinance, shall contract for and purchase all supplies, materials, equipment and service required by each office, department or agency of the City. The City Purchasing Agent may, by agreement with the State Director of Purchases, purchase through the State Department of Purchases or he may make agreements with one or more other municipalities, counties and county boards of education, for centralized purchasing for all governmental units which are parties to such an agreement. The Purchasing Agent shall also have power and shall be required, subject to the provisions of general law, to:
   (1)   Obtain and enforce specifications with respect to supplies, materials and equipment required by the City; and
   (2)   Inspect or supervise the inspection of all deliveries of supplies, materials and equipment, and determine their quality, quantity and conformity with specifications.