(a)   No person may engage in business in the capacity of a distributor or retailer of wine without first obtaining a license from the City, nor shall a person continue to engage in any such activity after his license has expired, been suspended or revoked. No person may be licensed in more than one of such capacities at the same time.
   (b)   The City shall collect an annual fee for licenses issued under this section as follows:
      (1)   Twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500) per year for a distributor's license; and
      (2)   One hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per year for a retailer's license.
   (c)   The license period shall begin on the first day of July of each year and end on the thirtieth day of June of the following year, and if the initial license is granted for less than a year, the fee shall be computed in proportion to the number of quarters remaining in the fiscal year, including the quarter in which application is made.
   (d)   No retailer may be licensed as a private club, as provided by Section 749.02, or as a retail dealer in nonintoxicating beer, as provided by Section 749.05. A retailer who has more than one place of retail business shall obtain a license for each separate retail establishment. A retailer's license may be issued only to the proprietor or owner of a bona fide grocery store or wine specialty shop.
(1970 Code Sec. 4-3.1)