A.   The City Attorney and City Clerk are hereby each individually authorized to correct scrivener's errors in the City Code, Zoning Code, and/or in ordinances and resolutions adopted by the Council without the need for re-adoption of the City Code provision, Zoning Code provision, ordinance or resolution.
   B.   For purposes of this section, a scrivener's error includes one or more of the following:
      1.   Misspelling;
      2.   Grammatical error;
      3.   Numbering error;
      4.   Cross-referencing error; or
      5.   Inconsistency with the rules of style adopted for the reformatted City Code, Zoning Code, or any adopted code.
   C.   A correction to an ordinance or resolution shall be accompanied by a scrivener's note on or attached to the corrected ordinance or resolution.
   D.   Corrections to complete sections of the City Code, Zoning Code, or any adopted code shall be noted in the code.
(Ord. 2020-006, passed 12-15-2020)