The Commission shall have the following powers and duties with approval of the Council:
   A.   To establish such rules and regulations as it deems necessary for its operation and the faithful performance of its duties;
   B   To organize by electing one of its members Chairman of the Commission and one of its members Secretary, and to notify the Council thereof;
   C.   To act in an advisory capacity to the Council, City Administrator, and the Director of Parks and Recreation concerning matters affecting the planning and development of the city recreation program and the planning and development of a park system;
   D.   To act as supportive a liaison between the city government and the residents of the city on subjects including, but not limited to, proposed capital improvement projects, bond issues, and recreation and park system extension policies; and
   E.   To recommend to the Council rules and regulations for the control and management of all lands, structures, and facilities owned by or under the control of the city and operated by it for recreational purposes.
(Ord. 291, passed 3-15-2005; Ord. 2017-002, passed 4-18-2017)