The Attorney shall act as the legal counselor and advisor of the Council and other city officials, and as such shall give his or her opinion, in writing, when requested.  He or she shall draft all deeds, contracts, conveyances, ordinances, resolutions, and other legal instruments when required by the Council.  He or she shall approve as to form, in writing, all drafts of contracts and all official or other bonds before final approval or acceptance thereof by the Council.  He or she shall return, within ten days, all ordinances and resolutions submitted to him or her for consideration by the Council, with his or her approval or disapproval as to form noted thereon, together with his or her reasons therefor.  He or she shall prosecute and defend all suits, actions, or causes where the city is a party, and shall report to the Council, when required, the condition of any suit or action to which the city is a party.