A.   Municipal Court enhancement fee.  Persons convicted of criminal traffic or misdemeanor offenses, or found responsible for civil traffic offenses, with an offense date of the effective date of this section or after, shall pay a Municipal Court enhancement fee in the amount of $30 for each offense.
   B.   Municipal Court default cost recovery fee.  A default cost recovery fee in the amount of $40 shall be imposed on each default judgment entered for failure to appear in a civil traffic case, or for failure to satisfy in full a civil sanction imposed in a civil traffic case.
   C.   Municipal Court warrant cost recovery fee. When a City Magistrate issues a warrant for non-compliance with court orders, failure to pay a fine or failure to pay any other fees, the City Magistrate shall impose a Municipal Court warrant cost recovery fee in the amount of $125 upon the person for whom the arrest warrant is issued; and this fee shall be added to the amount set forth in the arrest warrant.
   D.   Municipal Court deferred prosecution cost recovery fee.  A deferred prosecution fee in the amount of $200 shall be imposed on each criminal charge for which the court defers prosecution pursuant to Rule 38 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure (or its substitute).
(Ord. 2011-015, passed 12-20-2011)