For all sites with a building or grading permits that involve disturbing one acre or larger, except for routine maintenance, the owner and/or operator shall erect and maintain a project information sign in accordance with Exhibit A (Work Zone Identification Sign Details) attached to Resolution 907, which is hereby adopted by reference as if set out in full herein, that is readable by the public at the main entrance to the property.  Such signs shall have a white background, have black block lettering, as specified in Exhibit A, and shall contain at least all of the following information:
   A.   Project name and permit holder;
   B.   Building or grading permit number;
   C.   Name and phone number of person(s) responsible for conducting the project; and
   D.   Text stating:  "Dust Complaints – Call the City of Somerton, Public Works Department (928) 627-9876 during regular office hours."
(Res. 907, passed 7-19-2005; Ord. 293, passed 8-2-2005)