A.   The owner, lessee, tenant, or occupant may appeal the City Manager's determination of violation of city code (citing specific section) and/or the notice of assessment under § 9-5-7 to the Mayor and City Council.  The appeal shall be made, in writing, to the Mayor and City Council and submitted to the City Clerk within 30 days of receipt of notice of the assessment under § 9-5-7.  Filing of the appeal shall stay any requirement to pay the assessment by the appellant until the City Council has rendered its final decision.  The written appeal shall, at a minimum:
      1.   Request a hearing before the City Council at its earliest convenience;
      2.   Cite, with specificity, the decision(s) being appealed; and
      3.   Provide an address where appellant may receive notice of the hearing date.
   B.   The hearing shall be held before the City Council in open session.  The appellant shall be given an opportunity to present oral and documentary evidence in support of his or her appeal.  The appellant may be represented by legal counsel or other competent representative.  The City Council shall uphold, modify, or reverse the City Manager's decision and the Council's decision shall constitute exhaustion of all administrative remedies.