A.   To compel the removal of litter through the provision of this section and of §§ 9-4-5 through 9-4-8, if a person owning or controlling any property fails, neglects or refuses to remove or properly dispose of rubbish, trash, weeds or other accumulation of filth, debris or dilapidated structures which constitute a hazard to public health and safety from buildings, grounds, lots, contiguous sidewalks, streets and alleys, then the Public Works Director shall give written notice to the owner, the owner's authorized agent or the owner's statutory agent and to the occupant or lessee.
   B.   The notice shall include the following:
      1.   Legal description of the property;
      2.   Cost of such removal to the city if the owner, occupant, or lessee does not comply;
      3.   A statement that the owner has 30 days to comply from the date notice was served;
      4.   A statement that unless the person owning or controlling the property complies within 30 days from the date the written notice is served, the city will, at the expense of the person owning or controlling the property, perform the necessary work at a cost not to exceed the estimate given in the notice; and
      5.   A statement that the person may appeal both the notice and the assessments, unless the removal or abatement is ordered by court, in writing, to the Council within 15 days from the date the notice was served and prior to the date of compliance.
(Ord. 2009- , passed - -2009)