A.   Generally.  All department officials and public employees of the city, vested with the duty or authority to issue permits or licenses, shall comply with the provisions of this article and shall issue no permit or license for any use, building, or purpose in conflict with the provision of this article.  Any permit or license so issued in conflict with the provisions of this article shall be null and void and be of no effect whatsoever.
   B.   Filing plans.  Every application for a zoning certificate, which is a part of the building permit, shall be accompanied by plans and specifications.  One copy of the plans shall be returned to the owner when plans are approved by the Building Official together with the zoning certificate as may be granted.
   C.   Plans and specifications.  With each application for a building permit, and also when otherwise required by the Building Official for enforcement of any provisions of this article, two sets of specifications and plans and one set of reproducible plans (reverse reading sepia prints) may be submitted.  The Building Official may, where the complexity of the plans clearly so warrant, require plans and specifications to be prepared and designed by an engineer or architect licensed by the state to practice as such.  The Building Official may further require that plans for new construction indicate existing and finished grade elevations based on city datum with existing and finished drainage flow patterns.