For the purpose of this article, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different .
   ANIMAL.  Any species of mammal, bird, amphibian or reptile.
   AT LARGE.  On or off the premises of the owner and not under the control of the owner, or other persons acting for the owner.  Any dog in a suitable enclosure shall not be considered to be running AT LARGE.
   CITY ENFORCEMENT AGENT.  Persons designated by the city who are responsible for the enforcement of this chapter and the regulations promulgated hereunder.
   COLLAR.  A band, chain, harness, or suitable device worn around the neck of a dog to which a license may be affixed.
   DOG.  A member of the Canis familiaris family.
   OWNER.  Any person owning, keeping, possessing, harboring, or maintaining a dog.
   POUND.  Any establishment authorized by the City Enforcement Agent for the confinement, maintenance, safekeeping, and control of dogs that come into the custody of the City Enforcement Agent in the performance of his or her official duties.
   VACCINATION.  An anti-rabies vaccination using a type of vaccine approved by the State Veterinarian.
   VETERINARIAN.  Any veterinarian licensed to practice in the state or any veterinarian employed in the state by a governmental agency.
   VETERINARY HOSPITAL.  Any establishment operated by a veterinarian licensed to practice in the state that provides clinical facilities and houses animals or birds for dental, medical, or surgical treatment.  A VETERINARY HOSPITAL may have adjacent to it or in conjunction with it, or as an integral part of it, pens, stalls, cages, or kennels for quarantine, observation, or boarding.
   WILD ANIMALS.  Animals of ferae naturae.
(Ord. 2012-004, passed 6-19-2012)