A.   It is unlawful to keep, maintain, or harbor any live swine or pigs, livestock, poultry, fowl, or bees in the city without first obtaining a permit from the Clerk and Council approval for the issuance thereof.
   B.   A resident of the city may harbor and maintain livestock or poultry upon written request to the Chief of Police.  The request must include the approval of all neighbors immediately adjoining the property of the resident requesting the permission.  This privilege of harboring livestock or poultry shall be revoked should maintenance of the livestock or poultry violate any state or county health regulations.  Further, should any three residents present a written complaint regarding the livestock or poultry, the privilege of maintaining the livestock or poultry may be revoked after review by the Council.
(Ord. 135, passed 6-16-1981)  Penalty, see Article 1-8