No person shall be required to pay the fee established by this article who is found by the Magistrate Court to be indigent.  The Court may waive the fees required by this article, if the Court expressly finds that the defendant has an income which is insufficient or barely sufficient to meet the daily essentials of life and includes no surplus disposable income that could be budgeted for payment of the jail services recovery fee.  Prior to determining that a person is indigent for purposes of this section, the Magistrate Court shall require a sworn statement from the defendant seeking a waiver of the jail services recovery fee, which includes, at minimum, the following information:
   A.   All income received by the defendant from any source on a monthly basis;
   B.   The defendant's monthly expenses;
   C.   A list of assets owned by the defendant, including the estimated fair market value; and
   D.   A list of debts owed by the defendant.