452.01   Prohibition against parking on streets or highways
   452.02   Police may remove illegally parked vehicle
   452.03   Prohibited standing or parking places
   452.04   Manner of parallel and angle parking; privileges for persons with disabilities
   452.05   Willfully leaving vehicles on private or public property
   452.055   Parking prohibitions on private property; private tow-away zones
   452.06   Unattended vehicles; duty to lock ignition, remove key, set brake and the like
   452.07   Opening doors on side available to traffic
   452.08   Selling, washing or repairing vehicle upon roadway
   452.09   Loading zones; noise control
   452.10   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   452.11   Parking in alleys and narrow streets; exceptions
   452.12   Snow emergencies
   452.13   Moving vehicles interfering with snow removal; charges
   452.14   Overnight parking
   452.15   Parking in driveways of city-owned property, multi- family dwellings and in shopping center, store and school areas
   452.16   Registered owner prima facie liable for unlawful parking
   452.17   Waiver
   452.99   Penalty
   See section histories for similar state law
   Handicapped parking, see Ch. 1466
   Impounding; redemption, see § 404.05
   Lights on parked or stopped vehicles, see § 438.09
   Parking defined, see § 402.23
   Parking near stopped fire apparatus, see § 432.25
   Parking of bicycles; locks, see § 474.09
   Police may remove ignition key from unattended vehicle, see § 404.08
   Stop defined, see § 402.41
   Stopping and standing defined, see § 402.43
   Storage of junk vehicles, see § 660.07