(a)   The Grantwood Recreational Park is hereby defined as a tract of land on the north side of Aurora Road adjoining the Geauga County line, now consisting of approximately 367.67 acres, of which approximately 160 acres are presently developed as a golf course and the remainder of which is presently undeveloped.
   (b)   The Council shall, by Ordinance, establish a department or a division thereof, in accordance with Article VI, Section 6 , for the operation, maintenance, control and development of the Grantwood Recreational Park and the activities conducted in connection therewith. The Council may, by ordinance, create an Advisory Board to assist the City with any matter related to Grantwood Recreational Park.
   (c)   All revenue derived from the operation of the Grantwood Recreational Park shall be used exclusively for the daily operations of, the Grantwood Recreational Park. To the extent reasonable and practical, the golf course shall be operated so as to be financially self-sustaining. However, capital expenditures for projects or items with useful lives of five years or more and debt service payments for Grantwood Recreational Park may be made from other City funds established for those purposes.
   (d)   No part of the land of the Grantwood Recreational Park shall be leased, sold, transferred or exchanged without approval of the electors of the City; but this shall not prohibit the leasing of buildings or concessions for terms of less than two years to be operated within the Grantwood Recreational Park. The undeveloped area, exclusive of the golf course, shall be preserved in its natural state to the extent reasonable and practical, and the entire Park shall be used exclusively for recreational purposes.
(Approved by voters 11-7-1972; 5-8-2001; 11-4-2008)