A.   Filing: The Town Engineer shall require the filing of a site plan if such a plan has not previously been submitted by the developer. If a site plan has been previously filed, the Town Engineer may require the developer to submit an updated site plan.
   B.   Uses Specified: A site plan, as described hereafter in Section 12-1-4 of this Chapter, shall be required for any of the following uses or any related uses:
      1.   Ball bearing manufacturing.
      2.   Boxes or cabinets, manufacturing.
      3.   Chocolate and cocoa products manufacturing.
      4.   Feed (grains) manufacturing and processing.
      5.   Flour and grain mills, storage and elevators.
      6.   Fuel distributing station, gasoline (bulk plant).
      7.   Ice manufacturing and storage.
      8.   Paint and varnish manufacturing.
      9.   Septic tank, cesspool service or cleaning equipment yard.
      10.   Wood products, manufacturing, bulk.
      11.   Meat packing and smoking; slaughtering prohibited except for rabbits and poultry.
      12.   Petroleum products, packaging and storage, including butane distributors, subject to the provisions of the Uniform Fire Code.
      13.   Automobile parts, supplies, salvage or wrecking.
      14.   Cement and paving materials mixing plant.
      15.   Manufacture, fabrication or assembly, including contractor's facilities, of building materials and construction equipment; acoustical materials, air conditioners, heating and ventilating equipment, bolts, cement and concrete products, ceramics, decorative metals and wrought iron, doors, drills, fences, fire escapes, hardware and machine and road building equipment, plaster, plastics, plumbing supplies and sewer pipes, pumps, scaffolds, screens, screws, tile, welding equipment, windows; or other similar items.
      16.   Exterminator and insect poison, manufacturing.
      17.   Foundry for casting lightweight, nonferrous metal, not causing noxious odors or fumes.
      18.   Gasoline and petroleum bulk storage tanks.
      19.   House movers, equipment, storage or wrecking yards.
      20.   Junk yards.
      21.   Metals crushing for salvage.
      22.   Millwork (woodworking, manufacturing).
      23.   Planing mills.
      24.   Plating works, bulk (galvanizing).
      25.   Manufacture of brick and all clay, cinder, concrete, synthetic, cast stone, plastic and pumice stone products.
      26.   Rock crushing.
      27.   Sandblasting yard.
      28.   Seed treatment, processing, extraction of oil.
      29.   Steel fabrication (plate, structural, misc. iron, reinforcing).
      30.   Storage yards, bulk material.
      31.   Tanks, fabrication.
      32.   Retail commercial operations directly relating to the primary industrial use may be permitted, provided they do not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the gross floor area.
      33.   Extraction of sand, gravel, and other natural resources.
   C.   Changes Or Alterations In Use: If a use is changed or altered in any significant manner, or the use is terminated or removed for a period of at least six (6) months or the production of the use is substantially decreased for at least six (6) months, then the Town Engineer may require the developer to submit a site plan before starting or resuming operation or production. (Ord. 108, 3-8-1994)