A.   Purpose: The purpose of the building requirements set forth in this chapter is to provide minimum standards safeguarding life or limb, health, safety, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction and quality of materials of all buildings and structures within the town limits.
   B.   Building Official: The building official, inspector, or other administrative authority referenced in this chapter shall be vested in the office of the town manager, or such other person the town manager may appoint, subject to town council approval. It shall be the duty of the building official to administer this chapter. All town law enforcement officials and agencies shall, whenever requested by the building official, enforce this chapter to the extent they are lawfully authorized to do so.
   C.   Rules And Regulations: The building official may adopt rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the town council, in the interest of public safety, health, and general welfare, to implement the provisions of this chapter and to secure the intent thereof. But no such rule shall have the effect of waiving technical provisions specifically provided in the uniform building code or of violating accepted engineering practices involved in public safety.
   D.   Standards: No person shall construct or cause to be constructed any building or addition to any building within the corporate limits of the town that does not meet or exceed the standards as set forth in the uniform building code. (Ord. 115, 3-17-1995)
      1.   Exceptions to the currently adopted building code will be amended to read as follows:
Exception 1:
1806.5.5 FOUNDATION ELEVATIONS. On graded sites, the finished floor shall be 6 inches above the crown of the road or 12 inches above the flow line of a gutter when a gutter is present. The public works director may approve alternate elevations provided it can be demonstrated that required drainage to the point of discharge and away from the structure is provided at all locations on the site and in no instance adversely affects neighboring properties.
(Ord. 07-302, 9-11-2007)
   E.   Penalty: Any person violating any of the requirements of this section shall be guilty of a class one misdemeanor, subject to penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code, and may also be required to remove portions of any building which are in violation of this section. (Ord. 115, 3-17-1995; amd. 1997 Code)