34.01   Marshal and Police Chief synonymous
   34.02   Appointment of Marshal
   34.03   Deputy marshals and police officers
   34.04   Auxiliary police units
   34.05   Offenses affecting employment of law enforcement officers; probationary period; final appointment
   34.06   Removal proceedings; suspension; appeals
   34.07   General powers
   34.08   Powers and duties of Marshal
   34.09   Disposition of fines and penalties
   34.10   Property recovered by police
   34.11   Disposition to claimant
   34.12   Sale of unclaimed property; disposition of proceeds
   34.13   Expenses of storage and sale; notice
   34.14   Contracts for police protection; nonresident service without contract
   34.15   Peace officer administering oaths; acknowledging complaints, summonses, affidavits and returns of court orders
   Assault of police dog or horse, see § 136.15
   Disposition of property held by Police Department, see § 130.17
   Offenses against justice and administration, see Ch. 136
   Traffic Code, see Title VII
Statutory reference:
   Canine units:
      Administrative regulations, see O.A.C. Chapter 109:2-7
      Canine registration, see R.C. § 955.012
   Motor vehicle pursuit policies to be adopted by municipality, see R.C. § 2935.031
   Peace officer training, see O.A.C. Chapter 109:2-1
   Power of municipality to establish a police department, see R.C. § 715.05
   Purchase of police dogs or horses by law enforcement officers, see R.C. § 9.62