General Provisions
   33.01   Jurisdiction in ordinance cases and traffic violations
   33.02   Powers of Mayor and Mayor's Court Magistrate in criminal matters
   33.03   Duties of Mayor and Mayor's Court Magistrate; fees; office; seal
   33.04   Mayor's Court Magistrate
   33.05   Powers to suspend driver’s license in OVI cases
Contempt of Court
   33.20   Summary punishment for contempt
   33.21   Acts in contempt of court
   33.22   Hearing
   33.23   Contempt action for failure to pay support, failure to comply or interference with a visitation order; summons
   33.24   Right of accused to bail
   33.25   Hearing on contempt; penalties; support orders; failure to withhold or deduct money pursuant to support order
   33.26   Imprisonment until order obeyed
   33.27   Proceedings when party released on bail fails to appear
   33.28   Release of prisoner committed for contempt
   33.29   Judgment final
   33.30   Alternative remedy
Editor’s note:
   The ability of a Mayor to preside over a Mayor’s Court was significantly affected by DePiero v. City of Macedonia, 180 F.3d 770 (6th Cir. 1999), cert. denied, 120 S. Ct. 844 (2000). The DePiero case essentially put all municipalities on notice that a defendant's due process rights may be violated each time the Mayor presides over the Mayor's Court. Such notice suggests that a Mayor presiding over Mayor's Court after June 23, 1999 (the date of issuance of the opinion) could be personally liable to such a defendant for compensatory and punitive damages. As a result of this case, many municipalities now have a Magistrate preside over their Mayor's Court pursuant to R.C. § 1905.05. Please consult your Village Attorney if you have any questions regarding the impact of this case.
   Certain charges against municipal officers to be filed with Probate Judge; proceedings, see § 36.10
   Disposition of fines and other moneys, see § 31.13
Statutory reference:
   Notification to Registrar of Motor Vehicles regarding arrest warrants; effect on certificates of registration and driver's licenses, see R.C. §§ 4503.13 and 4507.091
   Registration and reports of Mayor’s Court, see R.C. § 1905.033