A.   No owner or occupier of a property, after notice and after the time allowed in said notice has lapsed, as described in section 4-3-8 of this chapter, shall fail to abate or remove from said property a condition that does not comply with this chapter. Said failure shall constitute a violation of this chapter. Said failure shall constitute a separate violation of this chapter for each notice given pursuant to section 4-3-8 of this chapter.
   B.   A violation under this chapter shall be a misdemeanor. The fine amounts shall be as follows:
      1.   One violation within three (3) years: Two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).
      2.   Two (2) violations within three (3) years: Five hundred dollars ($500.00).
      3.   Three (3) or more violations within three (3) years: One thousand dollars ($1,000.00).
   C.   Violation of this chapter may involve a civil proceeding under Minnesota Statutes section 463, in the discretion of the Blight Officer and designated enforcement agency for the City. (Ord. 140, 2nd Series, 10-10-2017)