A.   Whenever a person fails to comply with this chapter, the Blight Officer shall order the owner or occupant thereof of a property to remove the same at the owner or occupant's expense within a time not to exceed ten (10) calendar days, which exact time shall be specified in said notice. The Blight Officer, in his sole discretion, may establish the time limit to be less than ten (10) calendar days, but may not establish the time limit to be less than five (5) calendar days. Said notice shall be signed by the Blight Officer, shall be addressed to at least one owner or occupant of the property on which said non-compliance is found, and shall contain a brief description of the non- compliance. Said notice shall contain the address of the property upon which said non-compliance is found, and setting forth that, unless the non-compliance is abated or removed within said time, the Blight Officer will issue a ticket and/or seek a civil court order which may cause the City to abate or remove the non- compliance at the expense of the owner of the property.
   B.   The notice shall be served by a peace officer by delivery of a copy thereof to at least one owner or occupant, who must be of legal age, of such property. If the owner or occupant of the property is unknown or absent with no representative or agent upon whom notice can be served, then the peace officer shall post said notice on the front door of the property or in an otherwise conspicuous place on the property described in the notice.
   C.   After the time specified in the notice has elapsed, the Blight Officer shall investigate to determine if the failure to comply with this chapter has been removed or abated from the property. Additional time may be granted by the Blight Officer, in his/her sole discretion, where extraneous/special circumstances or a bona fide effort to remove or eliminate said non-compliance is in progress. If the non-compliance is not removed or abated from the property within the time specified in the notice and no additional time has been granted, the Blight Officer shall notify the designated enforcement agency for the City and direct that a ticket or a civil summons and complaint to appear in court be issued.
   D.   Any owner or occupier of a property who fails to remove and abate any non-compliance of this chapter after proper notice, shall be liable to the City for all expenses incurred in the removal and abatement of the non-compliance. The City shall have the right to recover all such costs and a lien may be imposed and charged against the property on which the non-compliance was located, and the City Clerk shall at the time of certifying City taxes to the County Auditor, certify the aforesaid costs to the County Auditor, as other taxes are certified. (Ord. 140, 2nd Series, 10-10-2017)