§ 160.666  MEMBERSHIP.
   The board shall consist of five persons, who are not members of any governing body, to be appointed by the mayor, three of whom shall be persons with expert knowledge of construction, architecture, fine arts, engineering, landscape architecture, law, or practical experience in related areas. The terms of all members shall be for three years each and so arranged that the term of at least one member will expire each year. Members of the board shall be removable for cause by the mayor upon written charges and after a public hearing. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term of any member whose term becomes vacant. The mayor shall also appoint a first alternate and a second alternate for a term of three years each. If a member is unable to attend a meeting, the first alternate or second alternate, in turn, shall serve in that person’s place.
(1992 Code, App. B, § 15.63.020)  (Ord. 42-83, passed 6-27-1983; Ord. 43-86, passed 5-19-1986; Ord. 26-99, passed 3-1-1999; Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)