§ 160.606 APPLICATION.
   (a)   To obtain a conditional use permit, the applicant shall file an application therefor, in writing, on a form furnished by the department of planning and building services.
   (b)   Every application shall contain the following information:
      (1)   Legal description of the land on which the conditional use is requested, together with local street address.
      (2)   Name and address of each owner of the property.
      (3)   Name, address, phone number and signature of the applicant.
      (4)   Zoning district classification under which the property is regulated at the time of the application.
      (5)   Be accompanied with a conditional use plan, unless waived by the planning director.
      (6)   Any other information concerning the property as may be requested by the director or planning commission.
      (7)   If the property is located within the water source protection overlay district, the following information shall accompany the application:
         A.   Description of the proposed activity, use, or development, including information and technical data and complete blueprints.
         B.   Inventory, including amounts of contaminants and/or hazardous materials to be stored or used on the property or premises.
         C.   Provide complete descriptions, plans, and specifications of primary and secondary containment facilities, including provisions for leak/ spill detection and monitoring.
         D.   Submit a completed contingency plan.
         E.   Any other information as may be deemed necessary by the environmental impact committee or screening committee.
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